Even nature itself besieges Neverwinter. Several decades ago, nearby Mount Hotenow erupted, nearly destroying the city and carving the Chasm deep into the ground. A group of fire giants now plans to ignite a second eruption – unless they can be stopped by the heroes of Neverwinter.

This adventure zone is geared towards high-level characters, and heroes will have to contend with some of the most iconic enemies from Dungeons & Dragons lore. The fire giants can manipulate the fire of their environment, creating powerful area of effect strikes to sear the slow-footed. Keep an eye to the sky as well, for the volcanic heat of Mount Hotenow is the perfect home for a red dragon…

Worse still, the true source of the Mount Hotenow’s eruption was the stirring of an ancient Primordial. Once they fought the gods themselves, now this one sleeps fitfully under the mountain, its power waiting to explode. Without the intervention of heroes, the fire giants will awaken the Primordial and wreak destruction on the entire Sword Coast. Will you answer the call to arms of Neverwinter?

Watch the new Mount Hotenow trailer:

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