2.5h Maintenance


Większa część z was zauważyła, iż serwery są nieczynne,

od razu mówię, że wszystko jest w porządku i zostały nam niecałe  2h do otwarcia!

Jednakże często coś się psuje, dlatego zalecam większą cierpliwość, bo różnie to bywa z perfectworld :)

A tutaj lista, co dzisiaj wklepują do gry:

Caturday Survivor’s Pack

  • Everyone will receive a pack that includes a cape, a title, and a couple other items as a sign of our appreciation for players bearing with us through Sunday’s downtime. More details to come at 6AM Pacific, during maintenance!

Exploit Fixes

  • A major exploit in the Auction House has been closed off.
  • An exploit involving Jeweled Idols has been addressed. Rhix now exchanges Jeweled Idols directly for Astral Diamond Coffers in his store, which appears when a player has a Jeweled Idol in his or her inventory.*

*When opening Nightmare Lockboxes, players may sometimes get a Jeweled Idol.
-When holding the idol, go talk to Rhix, the kobold in Protector’s Enclave next to the Wondrous Bazaar.
-This dialog is also available by clicking on the „Daily Quests” pane in the Landing Page (L key by default).
-Having the Jeweled Idol in your inventory unlocks a new „Store” option (this has replaced a quest named „Give Me the Idol”).
-When clicking on the Store option, you may purchase a Coffer of Astral Diamonds for one Jeweled Idol each, and may repeat this as long as you hold at least one Jeweled Idol.
-Each Coffer of Astral Diamonds may be opened for 40,000 Astral Diamonds.

Pozdrawia Linyu!

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