Community Challenge: Beta Weekend Three

You fought monsters in Beta Weekend Two, conquering dungeons, making friends, and becoming acquainted with the many different personalities and stories in Neverwinter.  Most importantly, you completed quests, and blasted the doors off of our Beta Weekend Two Community Challenge.


This time, we have a different challenge for you:


We want you to crash our servers.


During Beta Weekend Three, which starts on Friday, March 22, 12PM PDT and runs until Sunday, March 24, 11:59PM PDT, we want you to log in to the game and play so much Neverwinter that it brings down our shards.


For this weekend’s Community Challenge, we specifically want you to participate in our Crash the Shard Event from 1PM – 2PM PDT on Saturday, March 23. (When is that in your time zone?)


Everyone that logs in between 1PM and 2PM PDT on Saturday, March 23 will receive an exclusive Pirate Hat when Neverwinter launches!


While you’re doing that, be sure to try out the newly playable Great Weapon Fighter class, explore zones like Icespire PeakPirates’ Skyhold, and The Chasm, participate in PvP, tackle player-made content in theFoundry, and work towards the newly raised level cap of 50!

Shiver me timbers!  And good luck!


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