Community Challenge: Beta Weekend Two Results

Neverwinter’s Beta Weekend Two was a smash success!  We had players from far and wide join in on the testing and adventuring, trying out a variety of available content and fighting all kinds of monsters for the glory of Neverwinter.


If you participated in the Beta this past weekend, you may have tried your hand at the newly playable Control Wizard, explored new zones like Ebon Downs and Helm’s Holdexperienced player-made Foundry content, and done your best to reach the newly introduced level cap of 40.


Most of all, you questedA LOT.  So much so, that you’ve blown the Beta Weekend Two Community Challenge clear out of the water.  You’ve done solo quests, group quests, dungeons, Foundry quests, and much more, and as promised, the Level Cap will be bumped to 50 for Beta Weekend Three!


We’re raising the Level Cap from 40 to 50 for Beta Weekend Three, starting on March 22!


Thank you everyone that participated in the Beta this past weekend and the Beta weekend Two Community Challenge.  For those of you that have yet to participate in the Beta, never fear!  Check this post for more details on selections for Beta Weekend Events.  You can also become a Founder today for guaranteed Beta Weekend access!  And keep a look out for the next Community Challenge!


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