Monster Manual – The Goblins

The Goblin race is feisty, vicious, and numerous in strength. Like their greater cousins, the orcs, goblins are uncivilized humanoids living in a barbaric, clan-base society. Well-known to be thieves and war-minded creatures, goblins are always eager to strike at weaker opponents at any given opportunity. They are seen as a dangerous threat to civilized society because they are nearly impossible to eradicate, and their numbers grow stronger with each passing day.

They prefer subterranean refuges like their bitter rivals, the dwarfs, but that’s where similarities end. A long history of war between the races continues to divide them in the Forgotten Realms. Now, each race has their own goals and plans to assert dominance over Faerûn.

Even with many subspecies of goblins, they are still able to communicate in common tongue with a relative ease and are able to understand most concepts a humanoid would. In addition, each subspecies has a unique skin color such as red, orange, green, or grey, depending of the nature of their environment.

Individually, goblins are weak but cunning opponents. They compensate for their lack of physical strength by employing tactics using traps, poisons, and their greatest advantage: numbers. In battle, they prefer to swarm larger opponents and overwhelm them. They only find courage in numbers, acting quite cowardly when they are caught alone. Their weapons of choice include axes, spears, javelins, and short bows. And, they usually protect themselves in hide or leather armors, but it’s not uncommon to see their champions wearing heavier armors and shield.

Be wary of the cunning and opportunistic goblins during your adventurers in the Forgotten Realms. Only strike goblins when the opportunity favors you – avoid packs of goblins at all cost!


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