Monster Manual – The Ogres

Aggressive, strong, and dull-witted, ogres are quintessential brutes.  They can be easily rallied to a cause if the promise of mayhem and destruction is strong enough.  The stupidity of ogres is legendary; few of them can count to ten or build even the simplest shelter to protect their monstrous size.  They can rarely speak the common tongue and their vocabulary is usually limited to the simplest notions, including “kill,” “gold,” and “mine!”

Adventurers should expect no mercy from these boorish monsters, as ogres are notoriously cruel, bloodthirsty and greedy. Nevertheless, they are not indifferent to bribery and often decide to block frequently used pathways to racket those who wish to cross them.

In combat, ogres are fearsome adversaries, slamming the ground with massive weapons — everything from human-sized clubs to giant tree trunks — and dealing bone-shattering blows.  With average heights of around 12 feet, ogres tower over most opponents, and demonstrate incredible resiliency by enduring bevies of attacks without being defeated.

Needless to say, ogres are not easily dealt with in combat. Their major weakness is their slow speed, which is about as ponderous as their trains of thought.  Swift and agile adventurers can take advantage of this sluggishness, dodging the hulking ogres’ strikes and seizing the right moment for a timely counterattack.

Savage and brutish, ogres are occasionally seen amongst the orcs of the Many-Arrows Tribe.  They are kept in check by the orcs through promises of food, drink and the potential for violence.  Lonely ogres can also be found in other part of Neverwinter, establishing their dens in large caves or ruins.  Look out for these lumbering monsters as you adventure – and if you find yourself going toe-to-toe with an ogre, step nimbly, and be quick!

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