PC Gamer Exclusive Neverwinter Hands-on

Want to know more about Neverwinter? Then do not miss the February 2013 issue of PC Gamer. Check it out for an exclusive hands-on preview detailing Cryptic Studios’ big plans for bringing the world of The Forgotten Realms to life.

Featuring four unique covers and a unique key code that can be redeemed to randomly receive one of two exclusive mounts, this special issue of PC Gamer will be available on newsstands on January 8, 2013. You can also find it at the Apple NewsstandZinioGoogle Play, and other digital stores on January 8, 2013. If you’re already a subscriber to PC Gamer, your issue should already be on its way!

Scroll down for a closer look at the four unique Neverwinter covers and the two mounts we’re giving away!

The feisty Black Horse Mount

The trusty White Horse Mount

Unique covers of the February 2013 issue of PC Gamer


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