Rise of the Undead in Neverwinter

Valindra Shadowmantle’s influence and corruption is omnipresent across the Forgotten Realms inNeverwinter. By leading an army to besiege Neverwinter, her ultimate goals are the destruction of the living world and to rule the Sword Coast at any cost.


Among her growing army is the undead. With an allegiance of unfathomable numbers, her army continues to grow with every fallen soldier and creature slain at the hands of the undead. All humanoid races, gnolls, orcs, and nearly every living thing are at the mercy of the undead; fall to an undead soldier and become one. Furthermore, historical events like the eruption of Mount Hotenow, and the resulting tragic life loss, as well as the Spellplague caused a significant rise in undead.


During your quests in Neverwinter, you will encounter numerous undead creatures. They are normally found in areas of great death, sorrow, or tragedy like ancient graveyards. The undead are especially prominent in places where the regular world intersects with the Shadowfell. Also, few powerfulNecromancers, like Valindra Shadowmantle, possess dark magic and the ability to bring back the dead to fight under their command.

In command of undead soldiers


Usually, the undead wander aimlessly unless they are under the command of a more powerful undead or necromancer. For example, one powerful undead type is a Wight, who died in a terrible manner, and has soul-sucking abilities. Ghosts also exist throughout the darkest corners of the Forgotten Realms. And, some undead are products of their environment such as Ash Zombies and Blazing Skeletons who came about after the eruption of Mount Hotenow.


Ash Zombies on Mount Hotenow


Fighting for ultimate control of these undead are the Red Wizards of Thay, led by Valindra Shadowmantle, and the Netherese of Netheril. These two warring factions employ all means to assert their dominance over each other and the living world. You will often find these factions’ undead minions engaged in battle on the Sword Coast. Wise adventurers know better than to cross paths where these powerful factions call home.


But, the battle is not lost! Doomguide soldiers bravely fight to protect the living world from the undead. Along with Kelemvorite Priests, who attempt to prevent people from rising as undead, the struggle remains hopeful to keep the subcontinent of Faerûn safe. Will you join them in leading the fight against Valindra Shadowmantle and the undead?


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