Trickster Rogue Montage Trailer

Valindra Shadowmantle’s onslaught of Neverwinter continues to demoralize denizens of the city. Meanwhile, heroes of the Forgotten Realms continue their struggle against hordes of undeadorcsogres,goblins, and other foul creatures infesting Faerûn.


But, not everything is as bleak as it appears. Valiant warriors continue to defend the last remaining strongholds of civilized society for this battle must be won. From the seasoned Guardian Fighters to the most holy Devoted Clerics, warriors across Faerûn continue to fight.

Among the brave are the elusive Trickster Rogues. Never striking unless necessary, rogues are feared across the Forgotten Realms as some of the most deadly warriors around. They strike with precision, taking down smaller targets first. Meanwhile, they wisely save stamina for larger enemies. One blow from a larger foe could prove deadly against the lightly-armored rogue. Veteran rogues know that avoiding damage builds stealth and that can be used in combat once their gauge is full.

Utilizing effective strike combinations are also critical in battle. For example, one could use Bait and Switchoutside of stealth to create a clone and distract an enemy. However, if you stealth into combat and strike a foe, then use Bait and Switch – while in stealth, that causes it to refresh – finish the enemy with Lashing Blade, which does 50% more damage while in stealth. This is just one of many deadly combinations in a rogue’s arsenal.


Dailies are more situational with trickster rogues than other classes. Bloodbath can be used to avoid attacks from large mobs while also dealing damage to multiple targets – perfect for ambushes! Whirlwind of Blades is the alternative method where more area-of-effect damage is preferred in quick bursts. And, skills like Lurker’s Assault are effective when the rogue does not have aggro, adding more damage with every attack when they do.

Perfecting the timing of your regular and skill attacks are keys to being an effect damage-dealer in the Forgotten Realms. With precise timing and strikes, you’re well on your way to being one of feared warriors in the Forgotten Realms. Will you become a skillful rogue in Neverwinter?

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